Single Units
A flushing, portable, unisex toilet unit requiring no
mains connection.
A high specification product with a sealed tank so no
effluent is visible to the user, a vent pipe to ensure the
escape of any odours and a translucent roof which
allows in ample daylight.
Hand sanitiser is provided with an initial supply of
toilet rolls.
6 Bay Urinal
This urinal unit provides an excellent
option when space is at a premium.
This unit can accommodate up to six
users at once which will bring your
queue time down to a minimum.
Disabled Plastic
The disabled plastic unit sits at ground level with a
wide door providing easy access for a wheelchair.
The interior walls have low level hand rails fitted to
assist the user.
This unit also incorporates a baby changing station.
The unit is delivered complete with hand sanitiser
and an initial supply of toilet rolls.